What is Kronolo-G?

Imagine being able to save and share key life events with photos, videos, and documents like birth certificates, marriage licenses or immigration records. Augment paper records with records held in the cloud for future generations to access. 

Tempus Roads brings you Kronolo-G, the next step in sharing life stories. With the ability to build feature-rich timelines based on records of your life, Kronolo-G gives users the tools to preserve 
and share the special events that are our personal history.

Learn about and celebrate those who came before and encourage those who will follow to keep history moving. When you tether the past to the present the future is even more exciting.

                                                                                                                  Capture and share your children’s first steps. What about that first day of school. Share your life’s story with a grandchild. Sit with a friend or a family member who is memory impaired and re-visit events of the past.             

so Tell your story!